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The Armchair Walkers — 10 Comments

  1. Tis nice to have a day when we’re forced inside, I think. Loved hearing about your current reading list and the walks you are taking. This winter it is unlikely that I will travel to Ireland ( scheduled for Feb, but changing plans, I think!), instead I will remain here on the home front helping Rick recover from hip injury. He’ll be fireside and armchair bound reading while I may take advantage of the winter ‘down-time’ and hike the many trails and footpaths I can’t get to in the summer. You live in a beautiful place from what you describe and I love that you both take advantage by getting out and exploring!

  2. I’ll need to order The Salt Path. We’ve walked a lot in Cornwall so it would be wonderful to relive some of that hiking through the book, plus the human element sounds very moving.

  3. Thanks for the excellent review. I shall be looking out for the Salt Path. Living just 20 minutes away from the nearest point we’ve done several sections of it and will be doing more now the fitness bug has bitten!

    • D > One Woman Walks Wales was a good read, with lots of interest, but at 90 miles per page the account of the walking was mainly the highlights and comments related to the work of the charities and the author’s illness and personal circumstances – mostly the latter. The Salt Path made me feel more engaged with the author’s journey, more empathetic. It’s The Salt Path that has – I feel sure – left a lasting impression on me. I’m certain J will say the same, when he’s read both books.

      • I picked up a copy of the Salt Path in the office when we first published it, and loved the idea of it, and the journey. I’m so glad you liked it.

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