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  1. J > Update : Still unable to get to Eriskay to check/feed livestock and survey any damage. Causeway still under repair and closed for the rest of the day – they hope to open it again tomorrow. Vehicles only allowed through in case of emergency.

  2. J > Unable to get to Eriskay to attend to the sheep and check for any damage. The causeway is closed due to damage : the Coastguard officers are turning vehicles back, and repair work was just getting underway. Hopefully it will be reopened this afternoon. Along the shore on our side, there’s evidence that the sea reached the top of the sea defenses – rock armour, as the road is un places, covered with floodwater, seaweed and beach gravel. So, it will be indoor work until lunchtime.

    • J > It’s more sheltered parts of the mainland that can suffer more, as our landscape is adapted to such storms. We hardly slept last night, the storm was so noisy (our bedroom is in the roof, if you know what I mean – typical Scottish 1 1/2 story house). This morning it’s still very rough – although now only gale force, that will persist for 2-3 days more ; but the sky is clear and it looks to be a more cheerful prospect than yesterday. We look out of the window with some trepidation : we can already see a fence blown down, but I’ll survey the damage properly after coffee.

  3. You are practical and prepared – hope others are too. My Mum on Luing is without power, don’t know how long for

    • D > Inner Hebrides it may be, but Luing is very exposed to S and W and must get strong currents and big waves. I hope here electricity is restored before her house is too chilled.

    • D > J had an appointment with the mobile opticians (Specsavers have a touring clinic for the Highlands and Islands), a 45min drive away (and back). Lots of narrow causeways across lochs big and small, with waves breaking on the sides and spray everywhere. Optician had arrived on ferry yesterday, ahead of the storm, so appointment went ahead as planned. But as far as we could see, all schools closed, supermarkets and other shops closed. We had intended to have lunch out, but the restaurant was closed too. Glad to get home, for home-made soup (made yesterday with with vegetables from the garden) and home-made bread (made this morning before we went out.)

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