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    • J > It’s just a convenient place to put a Wi-Fi ‘extender’, so that there is Wi-Fi signal covering most of the croft. There’s no mobile phone signal, so it’s a cheap and effective way to keep in contact whe I’m outside working. What’s handy is that the Wi-Fi router in the hen-house is connected to the main router in Carrick by the mains power cable. But in explaining the technicalities, it’s hard to get past the point where I say that the henhouse has wi-fi – it inevitably raises smiles and laughs1 So I’ve pretty much given up the explaining, I just go along with the joke!

      • It is hilarious! Lol!

        It’s a good idea for safety; your cell phone can connect to a network to get you help from Denise if you need it.

  1. What tosh nutritionists talk about such things! If I had followed their advice over the last thirty years I would have reversed my dietary habits every few months. Everything in moderation, my old father in law used to say (although I agree that we probably do eat too much meat as a nation). I love eggs, and they are firmly staying on the menu. Excellent source of protein, invaluable as an ingredient for baking, and so delicious when from happy outdoor hens.

  2. That is funny! I’m sure when my new girls start laying, they will comply at least for a while. I lost one of my Java pullets to a hawk a few days ago. Now I need to improve my run or get those pullets to follow me back to safety when the dogs are out. It might be easier to retrain the dogs to leave them alone.

    • J > We shut a new batch of pullets in with the flock for 3 days so that they are settled in with the others : usually the pulleys stay in or close to the henhouse as they learn from the others where and when to go. We wonder whether having a pop-hole slider controlled by a photo-electric cell (meaning the hens know when the gate will shut from the diminishing light) is a factor. For the first three days after the pop-hole slider is reactivated , we go over to the croft to ensure the pullets are in

      • Normally I would have done that as well, but when they quit laying in the fall, my eldest and I put the old ladies in freezer camp, so the youngs started out solo in the coop. They will learn eventually, the first flock never had a teacher.

  3. We get those every once in a while.
    I have wanted to cook/eat them, but the wife always throws them in the compost before I can.

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