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The Reading Room: Old News, No News — 6 Comments

  1. I’ve enjoyed this post as I’m a passionate bookworm and always welcome other ideas and reviews. Reading is so important and a great way to immerse yourself in another life, world, thinking. At the moment I’m reading Ian McEwans Nutshell. Wish I could write like him!

  2. So pleased to hear your reference (and recommendation) to Barbara Pym! I’ve read all of them once, and they are treasures indeed, sitting on our bookshelves somewhere. I must get them down for a reread soon …

  3. I like the way both of you write reviews–you provide enough information to explain your like (or dislike) of the book but, more importantly, to allow me to decide whether it would appeal to me, whether it did to you or not!

  4. Ooh I’m envious of the signed editions! I am collecting first editions of the series though. Not too expensive and so much more evocative than the recently republished paperbacks.

  5. [D] Yes, Sandra, Tangye’s books are also of the same era, and inspired by the same post-WWII back-to-the-land movement. We’ve been reading them for many years, and have a few autographed by the man himself. The sort of books we don’t part with!

  6. It’s interesting how our tastes change over time isn’t it. I found myself in a familiar rut for many years until joining a book club and latterly reading book blogs. My eyes were opened to all I was missing!

    I have a couple of Marlena de Blasi’s books, including 1000 Days and including at least one unread. You’ve reminded me. Something to enjoy in the New Year, when the weather’s dreary and I can dream of the Tuscan sun perhaps. A Croft in the Hills reminds me of the Minack series by Derek Tangye which I’ve recently started: essentially Cornish crofting in the sixties. And the Barbara Pym sounds a joy. I read several Anita Brookner’s many years ago. I always found them quietly haunting: books that stayed with me.

    Thanks for this nice little distraction; much more interesting and enjoyable than organising the online shopping order!

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