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The Reading Room : Strange Lands, Stranger Ways — 4 Comments

  1. Well, I shall be very interested in hearing your views on The Help (and anything else you read). Like you, I very much enjoy hearing other people’s thoughts on what they’ve read, seen, listened to…. But at the appropriate time!

    (It’s a blessing that my B has no interest in what I read and thus rarely imparts his opinion. He imparts his opinion of a great many other things instead….)

  2. Oooh, lovely books! I remain nonplussed by how rarely I find a gem in a thrift shop and how frequently they appear to everyone else. Is it something to do with my searching skills? I suspect so.

    Anyway, of your delightful reviews (if you think yours are long…) I have only experience of The Help. Which I’ve not actually read. Denise – I’ve just realised I am about to add to J’s ‘helpful’ comments here. I suggest you skip this paragraph! I shall be interested in your thoughts on it – untainted by the input of others 😉 I listened to this book – and now can’t recall who narrated etc, but I know I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve also seen the film, also enjoyed but not quite as much. And others have told me they found the book impossible to read because of the speech patterns…

    Happy reading!

    • D > I’m so grateful for other bloggers taking the time to write about the books they read, and in fact it was one of your reading reports that first brought me to your own blog. I’m very happy to exchange thoughts about books, or film or music. It’s often how I get the idea to look out for a particular book, new or second hand. I do have to tell J off sometimes though, as he does ‘go on’ sometimes – when he has a bee in his bonnet about something, and then I can’t get his opinion out of my head whilst I’m trying to read. There should be an ’embargo’ on comments whilst a book is being read, rather like there is during voting. There, that’s him told!

  3. I love used book shops. Always something surprising! After many years of librarianship and having to read certain books, I have found in my retirement that if I begin something and it doesn’t catch me in some way fairly immediately, I move along!

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