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The Tide is High-er — 5 Comments

  1. I have always thought it foolish when people want to dismiss the idea of climate change. But climate change is part of the life of a planet, else we’d have dinosaurs walking around.

    I live in the Ohio Mississippi River Valley and that entire large section of the USA would fill in with water and become an inland sea what with these melting ice caps. So yes, I get what you are saying.

    Love the ponies! They have no worries about climate change, politics, the economy, or the national debt. They just live for today.

  2. Worrying observations, although it doesn’t really surprise me. It does make me glad that we didn’t build a house right down on the shoreline, though… How far above high tide are you guys?

    • J > At our own house, about 6m (not enough!) ; Askernish – 10m ; Carrick 12m ; Casa Los Fueros : 865m !!!! Our own house is also nearest the sea – about 100m, although the ground actually rises towards the sea, the public road along the shore being higher than our house groundfloor.

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