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  1. Interesting about the cats on your island. If you get a chance, you might want to watch a delightful documentary called “Kedi,” which is about the street cats of Istanbul. As for Thomas, he is surveying his domain.

  2. And yet, there is just something about a friendly & wise kitty face that makes us all forgive certain lapses in performance of duties. Is he a descendant of long time island cats? (Haven’t had time to research past posts, sorry if a dumb question)

    • J > You’re very close to the truth on all counts! Travelling around Uist you’ll see many cats that look very like Thomas. We found a feral queen nursing her kittens, sheltering from bad weather in an unused duck house. The queen hissed and spat, and ran off. We shut the duck house and left it for her to come back. Over the next few days she came and went, but we were concerned for the kittens. Most native islanders are, in our view, indefensibly indifferent to the welfare of the cats (mostly feral) they encourage to stay on their crofts – to control rats. Very few see cats as house pets – part of the family. They don’t get medical care – or sterilization. Consequently the island has a lot of feral cats, and due to the severe weather in winter, and the lack of warm and dry places to shelter, and the recklessness with which some put out poison bait to kill rats, these cats don’t live long. Rightly or wrongly, we decided to take four of the litter (they were still very very small), leaving the queen with four. (A few days later, the queen and her remaining four kittens left the garden, and though we believe we saw her a fortnight or so later, down by the shore, after that we never saw her or her kittens again.) Of the two we took, two were given to friends staying at one of our holiday lets (they live in Skye), and we kept Thomas and Minty. We nursed them to adulthood. Sadly, Minty was killed on the road outside the garden, nearly a year later. Thomas missed her terribly – for a week or so. I think he would be happier with her around – they were very close. He’s not too bright, but he has a simplicity and playfulness about him that’s very endearing. We love him hugely: that is, our love is in proportion to his weight – he does love his food!

  3. What a handsome Chief Security Officer, too! Does he mouse for himself or do his employers provide housing & meals in his compensation package? 😉

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