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Three-Toned Shetland — 6 Comments

  1. I was so agog about the idea of spinning, plying, and dyeing the finished yarn this way, I forgot to add that I love the ever changing tonality of the knitted hats. They make me smile!

  2. What you are talking about is a version of fractal spinning that uses gradients of white to gray to very dark gray/black. I think its a brilliant way to derive interesting color changes.

    Now I ask you Jonathon, what the color of yarn might look like when spun this way you have described and dunked the entire finished skein into a

    I love over dyeing colored wool. I have used a bright hot red on dark brown wool scoured locks and gotten a gorgeous rich deep maroon. I have also over dyed scoured locks of gray wool and come up with beautiful royal and sapphire colors that had a bit of light and dark variation so when carded and spun together had a richer depth of color.

    It also ocurred to me as very intriguing to try what you did and then see what I get when I dunk loops of a plyed skein into a different colors of dyes. Hmm! That could be VERY interesting indeed!

    • J > Thank you Sheila, for a two-way exchange of ideas : I shall have to ask D about over-dyeing yarns of this type. She does a lot of over-dyeing, especially with indigo.

  3. Wonderful! I think Robert Frost summed this one up when he celebrated “the drunkenness of things being various” . The balance of order with a sprinkling of chaos that keeps things nicely spiced up

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