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  1. What a beautiful old girl of a wheel! Have you started using this incredible wheel yet? Its certainly beautimussiful!

    Does it spin up finer yarns more efficiently? Or worsted weight? Will it be very eager to spin up any size yarns, perhaps even chunky and bulky weight yarns?!

    I will be interested in seeing how you do with this wheel. The color of her is lovely and rich with beautiful tones of gold.

    • J > I’ve just now completed a bobbin full of grey Shetland. Tomorrow I’ll spin the other single, but what that will be is for a post in a few days when I have plied and washed them!

      The Thurmaston has the feel of something truly hand-crafted, with a character unique to that particular wheel. That makes it a special pleasure to use. The control of tension is very fine and smooth, and the wheel responds well ; though the band I put on is too fine, and unable to grip the wood quickly enough to wind on once the bobbin reached 3/4 full. If I’ve a criticism of it, it’s that it is that the threading hook is not strong enough for the rather rather small orifice. Also – though not a criticism of the wheel, is that it is rather small for me : the orifice is below knee-height, and the treadle too small. I’m 6ft 3in tall. D is 5ft 2in, so it’ll be fine for her.

  2. That is one gorgeous wheel! And I know it must be aching to be pressed into service again–you’re giving it new life.

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