Tiggywinkle — 4 Comments

  1. Oh my, what a prickly looking fellow! your Tiggywinkle doesn’t appear cuddly. So you have named this fellow (I am assuming this is a male hedgehog) Tiggywinkle? What a funny name for a hog of the hedge to bear! Is this a name that appears in published literature somewhere, in Wind in the Willows or Peter Rabbit?

    Have your house cats made its aquaintance? Or do they scamper away in terror?

    I have heard that they can toss thier quills through the air when nervous or agitated, but I was never sure if that was true.

    • D > Hedgehogs are definitely not cuddly – they are verry prickly. But everyone loves them! Just look at those tiny little ears, sticking out from between the spines! Our cats are intrigued – but keep well clear. Tilly is also intrigues, and like all dogs investigates with her nose, first smell, then contact …

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