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  3. Oh my goodness, Carrick is unbelievable! What views, very special. People must leave completely transformed after their stay there. Where is it located in relation to the drawing above?

  4. You live in a beautiful place! Having a farm we understand that HUGE amount of work you have done and appreciate the need to wait for money to gather itself again! I’m so glad you are able to continue now!

  5. I’m so happy for you. I know what it’s like to make a plan, then see those plans dashed by cruel circumstance. I’m glad that you have turned the corner and so pleased to read about this current phase — and the one to come. My best wishes to you both. You are such a brave couple.

  6. Exciting to be moving ahead with plans. I fear we may all have to rethink our henhouses if we have another winter of having to keep them shut up.
    Looking forward to following your action.

  7. I am so happy for you both. I do understand. Having big dreams and then having them put on hold due to economic constraints is a hard nut to swallow. Glad the plans are back on the table and in the works.

  8. Wow! I cannot imagine that much work! We took over our family tree farm in 2009, and we had to do a lot of brush and bramble clearing, clearing out old junky fences, etc. too — BUT we always have temperate weather! I cannot imagine trying to do all that with WINTER to deal with, and then having the guest business, store, and websites on top of that. I tip my hat to you!

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