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  1. From left to right : sister Caroline ; Me ; sister Amanda ; my mother ; my mother’s mother – and father. My father is behind the camera : he had an SLR camera – and there’s the distinctive pentagonal flare of an SLR pointed close to the sun!

  2. J > The photo was taken at West Wittering, West Sussex, at the end of prominentary with dunes, marram grass, wide expanses of sand of different firmness and textures, and a network of channels ranging from still and sun-warmed to raging cold torrents with very unstable sand. The place had (maybe still has?) a wonderful simplicity about it that was magical to me. I have a vague recollection of that occasion, I think because it was unusual for my mother’s parents to come with us. West Wittering was the nearest seaside place to our home in Berkshire, and we went there two or three times a year – and if Ithere were times when my childhood was joyful, it was then (as also for our holidays exploring remote and wild areas of Great Britain).

    • J > It jumped out at me the other day, and when i discovered the date it was taken I just had to wait a couple of days to use it! I recognize not only silhouettes, but also personality.

  3. It is a small moment of your life, frozen in time. And then when we see pictures of ourselves, with family, with young children, during some long ago holiday, or on a trip, it can be so hard to believe, “Yes, that was me!” Its a sort of surprise even though we might remember it. Time has an odd way of getting us to forget how young we once were, even if we have clear memories of it.

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