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  1. J > Twiddling thumbs – is a sign of potentially explosive frustration! Seriously, though, we did bid for a house with a large garden which needed substantial renovation, but the competition for it was intense, and we let it go. Similarly for other houses with potential, nice location etc. The house we’re buying is a 3-bedroom bungalow needing very little work (none absolutely necessary) on a 20yr-old development, a few miles north of Lampeter. In fact it was the first one we considered. Based on the location, location, location principle, it’s a safe bet – what we need just now. When our Uist properties are sold, we’ll have other options open to us.

    • Fingers crossed that all goes through smoothly. It will be lovely to be living near Becky.
      Have you got local shops within walking / cycling distance of the bungalow in Wales ? I think that is one of the essentials (unless you are lucky enough to have your own croft/small holding of course).

      • J > Hello Caroline! Sainsbury’s is about 10mins away by bike – not especially hilly, so definitely do-able. It’ll be very different to here. Purchase going smoothly. It would be tempting fate to give away the exact details now, but once contracts are exchanged it’ll be safe to tell all!

  2. Gosh, your plans have escalated remarkably quickly! I wondered if and where you might eventually move to enjoy a quiter ‘retirement’, and I am pleased for you that things seemed to fall into place so quickly – as long as the remaining properties are snapped up of course, which after last year is probably even more likely. You have both been so rational about your future and I admire everything you have done and achieved. I wonder how much quieter your retirement will prove to be as I don’t think for a moment that you will be sitting twiddling your thumbs down in Wales – is your new home is in need of repair and renovation by any chance?!

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