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  2. Hi. Though my girlfriend and I have loved all of our lives in Oxfordshire, we have for the past five years made annual holiday drives up the the Hebrides, and have found much solace and a sense of belonging on the islands. It is our intention (or mine at least!) to make the move up there one day. For me we love to walk, drive, photograph, explore and take the break from everyday professional life together reading and cooking.

    I’m writing as a couple of years ago, in early October ’14, when staying on Eriskay in a cottage and it was my turn to cook, I realised the fresh parsley we had brought from the mainland had wilted badly and we set out to try and find some. We found your beautiful garden, and someone there, maybe yourself sold us some fresh curly leaf picked there and then. Reading your blog tonight brought back that great fortnight and reminded me of the afternoon we spent scouring the island for fresh herbs. Much fun was had. Thanks a lot. I hope to do the same again one day soon.

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