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  1. , both the Canary islands and the Outer Hebrides are archipelagos in the Atlantic. Lots of small-scale, part-time family. But there is no technology but folk would live longer there than here. They are less stressed eat better. Let’s look the wether fantastic less clothes better skin more light. Money they don’t crave technology watching TV they don’t drink onley wine. I think it’s better to live whith less in a warm place. I’m looking at going to alicanti Spain £300 a month. I can live and eat out and be happy. I just need to build a arctic trailer home and leave UK for good . I would keep my 2 homes and give the Croft up. I realey don’t won’t this wether for my last fuew years £2000 a month I pay out. Will it happen well I live in a Holaday village with everey think I need just give up the Croft and work shop and that’s it. But it’s not enough

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