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The Transgender Goose and the Goslings — 4 Comments

  1. Mrs Jackson has two good goslings to care for. The third hatched, but seems to have died (possibly crushed by its mum’s own carelessness) when not yet fully clear of the shell. The two remaining will be closely guarded by their parents, so stand a good chance of survival. We’ve also got Embden eggs (bought on ebay) in an incubator, and they’ll be raised by us here in the walled garden.

  2. Yup, me too Jacalyn! I think the only one that isn’t confused is Queenie, our alpha Hebridean ewe, who with her twin lambs spent last night leaning against the other side of the fallen stone wall that encloses the goosey menage a trois, and totally indifferent to the hormonal storm!

  3. I think I am thoroughly confused. We need a cast of characters! So we will see more goslings on our visit!

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