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  2. Are the ponies wild? They’re lovely but you don’t really need more dependents. I feel like I missed a post about your health?

    • J > Not wild, but not entirely domesticated. They’re all owned, but minimally managed. We have the right for one pony (and it’s foals up to 12m old) to go on the common grazing – but we don’t use it, as it would bring additional responsibilities we could do without. The post you might have missed was ‘Down but not out’ – fairly recent. It looks like the long-term effects of having Lyme Disease (diagnosed about 10-12 years ago – but too late to ensure treatment effective) may be ME/CFS, which like Lyme Disease is a neurological condition probably originally triggered by bacterial infection of the nervous system (in this case with Lyme Disease). I’m no hypocondriac, and I hate labels attached to me, but it is useful to understand what’s wrong, and more importantly how best to manage the condition so I can best continue normally. No lying around feeling sorry for myself – that’s not my way!

  3. Those are beautiful horses! But like you the sheep would come first for me also.

    How are you doing, by the way? I’ve been wondering ever since your post .

    • J > Better – for now. ‘Episode’ was suddenly gone, as per my post, and since then feeling generally good. But a lot of physical exertion on any one day leaves me low the next, so best to keep moving, take things steady. Example: I no longer round the sheep up to shear all, or even most. Now I keep them coming to me, used to me and trusting, and then just ask one if she doesn’t mind me shearing her. Next morning, same thing. Less stress for everyone, that way! Obviously that means we have to keep numbers down. [Shearing post on its way.] Thanks for asking Linda.

      • Your shearing post will be very interesting. I’m glad you are doing better, Jonathan. Tick fever is a huge problem to over come!

  4. We have nothing so exciting stop in unexpectedly…for the most part, only animals that pose a risk to our animals (but not to us).

  5. Interlopers, I know, but what charming ones! Glad to read the sheep got their breakfast.

  6. Though I was playing a different fiber this week at Smithfield House, some of your Hebridean was displayed with a bit to handle. Can’t wait to spin it. Last night while helping a friend sort and inventory her fleece for Wool Pool, mill, and personal use, I came home with a white down Dorset ram raw fleece and an older Shetland x Finn brown raw fleece. Guess I better get on wool prep.

    • J > Dorset Down is wonderfully fine – though often a bit short for hand-spinners. It is similar, though I think superior as regards fine-ness, to other downland breeds developed in the early-mid 19thC, such as the Shropshire. Enjoy!

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