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  1. Be safe. We have socially isolated for 3 weeks now. Many items being planted in the garden than in years past. Started my own seedlings this year to go in the garden when safe. Back to making my own bread, eating through the end of last year’s home canned goods. I’m glad we have fresh eggs, will soon have asparagus and peas fresh, salad garden is sprouting. With spindles, spinning wheel, a modest stash of fiber to spin, a stash of cotton and wool to weave, yarn to knit, books to read. Safety is utmost important as we are both above 70. I miss my children and grandchildren, but gets pictures and calls from some of them.

    • D > That’s already a long time. Here in the UK anyone over 70 or clinically vulnerable is required to isolate (‘take shielding measures’) for 12 weeks. We’re in our low 60s and good health, but here in the islands the population has a high average age, compared to the mainland. We don’t have family here, resident or visiting, and we are going out as little as possible. For us, too, technology helps us keep in touch with family. We have a fairly large stock of fibres and yarns, so no problem there. To be honest, we are looking forward to a year in which we can better enjoy the things we came here to do, and less under pressure from those dratted visitors wanting to buy things from us! We hope you have a good year with time to ponder and savour the life you lead.

    • J > Possibly : there’s a lot of complaints about this issue! Even if a scheme is announced, we’ll believe it only when money lands in our bank account! There’s a lot of misconceptions, abroad, about the character of UK society and culture, but one thing that’s always been true of us, ‘fair play’ is very important, and that’s what the issue is here.

        • J > Well I can now report that the rule of fair play has now been upheld : there is now a scheme to support the incomes of self-employed people, as well as employed. Unfortunately, it’s based on average monthly income (based on tax returns/filings for the past three years – or as little as one year if the business was set up less than three years ago) : but our income is earned in just 5 months – the holiday season. And of course this is support for net income, not revenue. There is, however, also now a separate scheme, specific to self-catering accommodation, which gives a one-off flat payment as help with the fixed costs It’s a bit arbitrary, but it is a great deal better than simply being ignored.

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