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When Dehydration is a Good Thing — 10 Comments

  1. Gosh – using a dehydrator for drying flowers has never occurred to me! I have borrowed a friend’s to dry apples a couple of times but I might invest in one for myself with this possibility.Thanks for sharig the idea 🙂

    • J > Very easy to use. Very effective and quick when used for leaves, petals and similar. Trays are same material as CD jewel cases, so brittle and need handling with care. But overall, good value for money.

  2. Good idea! Between the popurri, and drying extra stuff for Denise’s dyepots, that little investment will pay for itself very quickly.

    • J > I recommend! It’s more reliable than drying on a wind-sill (which can result in fading), and more controllable and economical than airing in an oven. It’s much more possible to retain scents – especially with rose petals.

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