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  2. The end of an era, akin to us deciding not to get another dog now that our old buddy Liam is gone.

  3. Oh, hard decisions! But I do get it and I think you’re going to be very happy with your decision. Time to do for yourselves!

    • J > Yes, Kerry, we’ve just been talking about this over lunch. We’ve both spent 40 years pursuing the happiness of others, in order to pay our way in life and have a wee bit over for personal spending. Work has always come before pleasure, and since we both became entirely self-employed 15 years ago, it’s been difficult to do anything but work without a sense of guilt. Work permeates every moment of the day, and every where in our house and garden and beyond, with materials and equipment and work-in-progress in almost every room (but not our bedroom!), the garden producing food that is primarily for customers … If we take a rare morning off to do something personal (usually combined with something to do with our work), we feel guilty and that we ought to get back home asap and open up the shop and be ready to respond to answerphone messages, emails etc. And yet, now all the big projects are complete (in particular renovation of our house), we can afford to take it a bit easier … but actually doing so is tough. We need to rediscover the ‘soft landing’ that is the pleasure of living a simple, inexpensive, but highly satisfying life of our own. We have everything we need for that – it’s just a matter of overcoming guilt, overcoming fear, and letting go …

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