Wire Warbler? — 2 Comments

  1. How wonderful and joyful to have the birdsong while your work! 🙂

    A old friend of mine showed me how a little brown wren would always be attracted by the sounds of her sewing machine. She would work in a room near an open window. Every time she would sew in the spring and early summer, a wren would come and sing very sweetly while she was using her sewing machine. When she quit using the machine for long enough the wren would fly off. When she’d go back to the sewing machine again, that wren would come back to sing.

    She often remarked to me that her grandmother had that happen using the same sewing machine. I was never clear if it was due to the pitch of that particular motor on the sewing machine, if all wrens would be attracted by any sewing machine, or if it was just that certain wrens were a little bonkers.

    • J > What a delightful story! Robins (the European species) seem to be very comfortable with human doings. There’s one that often follows Denise around the garden, and is sure to appear in the morning when Denise appears from the garden store with the feed for the hens. As for the wren, it really is the most delightful little bird, with a song out of all proportion to its tiny body! And yes, it’s song is very sweet indeed. The wren is common in the islands, which surprises many visitors, who suppose that all we get here are sea birds, shore waders and the such like.

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