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Workplace Assessment — 8 Comments

  1. Ha ha, very clever! (Ticks…. ugh!) Some deep comments in your reply to 1bl0gr3ad3r. I hope you were able to answer yourself in the affirmative. 🙂

    • J > Mmmm, on balance, yes. Looking back at my previous comment, I see that auto-correct changed self-c CVritical to self-catering (just tried to do that again then!), presumably based on the prevalence of that word in my business emails! Oh the perils of technology!

    • J > I don’t know for sure why I came up with that post title. I suppose my expression, in particular the eyes focussed on something near (actually the phone screen) as if looking critically in a mirror, and the work clothes (I was in truth in the midst of very hard work, on the new fence) – plus the fact that this is actually a place of work – these things together made for a rather serious, Self-catering mood. “Is this what it’s all about? Is it worth the effort, the sacrifices?

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